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Realty Consulting

We are a specialist company  in the region with our ears to the ground. As the Gulf  continues to develop into a  diversified economy, the realty sector witnesses a boost and turns more robust and positive.  We assist developers in preparing project launch strategy, financial structuring of the company/project and connect with mortgage/housing finance providers.

Residential Property

Our team’s insight and analysis will support and help the developer in decision-making.

Strategic-AdvisoryAssistance from start to endsidering market needs

We advise the developer on an independent basis throughout the stages of project – concept creation, financial feasibility, arranging service providers,  managing funds flow and developing policies and procedures.

Strategic-AdvisoryFinancial management

We undertake financial analysis of the project, advice appropriate funding strategies and source project funding.  We also monitor cash flows, assist in follow up stage payments and provide periodic management reports.

Strategic-AdvisoryServices to housing developer to customers

With our networking and expertise, we can arrange availability of end user financing options from mortgage/housing finance providers, monitor relationships from developer and customer perspective to ensure seamless process and provide mortgage advice to  customers.