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Sectorwise Services

Financial Services

We assist retail banks and specialized mortgage institutions in developing mortgage/home finance products, drafting policies and procedures, improving business process and analyzing portfolio.

We assist conventional retail financial institutions by developing conversion strategies and hand-holding them in the conversion process to Islamic financing.  We provide assistance in establishing corporate governance standards for Islamic financial institutions.

We also assist financial institutions in retail product development, preparation of policies and procedures, and organizing training on mortgages and Islamic finance.

Real Estate

We assist real estate developers in preparing project financial analysis; developing funding structure; monitoring project cash flows; developing operating policies, procedures, and risk management framework; and establishing mortgage finance packages for customers in coordination with financial institutions.

We provide advice as an independent member on the company’s Board and its sub-committees.


We specialize in setting up housing finance/mortgage business based on Sharia’a compliance or conventional finance basis. We work right through all stages from “concept to create” – developing feasibility studies and business plans, bringing together potential investors, building management team and developing operating policies and procedures.


We help SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) – whether start-up or already established – to navigate the road ahead by developing strategies based on our market knowledge, experience and financial expertise.   This would include development of corporate strategy and business unit strategy, preparation of feasibility studies, financial structuring and development of operating policies and procedures.

In addition, we are a think-tank for the business and provide valuable inputs from the “inside-out” perspective.

We understand the importance of relationships between shareholders, Board of Directors and other stakeholders, and provide assistance to business in governance matters, including structuring the Board and its sub-committees, reviewing effectiveness of governance practices and managing investor relations.

We provide advice as an independent member of the company’s Board and its sub-committees.


Choosing the right mortgage is as important as choosing the right home.  We can help you by providing completely independent advice prior to your application so that you stand a reasonable good chance with the chosen mortgage provider.

We can offer advice on switching mortgage providers, topping up existing finance when you expand your home, considering early settlement and rescheduling your finance.

We can provide assistance by reviewing your financial position and advising on how to manage financial liabilities and reschedule debt, if necessary.