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Strategic Advisory

Are you an entrepreneur with a great business idea?  Do you own a Small and Medium Enterprise?  Do you think the Gulf market is confusing? What are the pains of doing business here? We have the answers for you. We know how managing a start-up or a running enterprise is a struggle in fast-changing, dynamic markets. We help you navigate the road ahead by developing strategies based on our market knowledge, experience and financial expertise.  We work closely with clients to develop flexible corporate and business unit strategies that are aligned to your business objectives.

We are a think-tank for managing businesses and can provide valuable inputs from the “inside-out” perspective as independent advisors to the Board of Directors.

Business Consulting

Our strategic advisory services help you to understand the underpinning of doing business in the most effective way. From business strategy consultation,  reviewing funding plans for optimization to developing sound policies and procedures, we bring with us years of expertise in helping businesses to succeed.


Building your business with our insight

Realizing the full economic potential of your business requires a strategy that rests on ground-level realities and regional factors.


Financing your business

We know the importance of funding for your business working capital and growth needs. We provide our expertise by reviewing funding plans, providing sound advice on optimization and connecting with fund providers.


Developing risk management framework

Sustainable success in business can be achieved through implementation of sound risk management.  We help in developing policies and procedures that is appropriate for your business size.